Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Notes From the Session By Jeremy Sambuca @ #EDCAMPSTEAM

This post is a bit unconventional, but I found this session particularly useful today and thought I would share my notes from it. It was run by Jeremy Sambuca (@jsambuca) who is the Director of Ed Tech @ Hewitt School in Manhattan which is all girls.

Dream Big and Print 3D
Makerbot now costs same as macbook air.  Patents open up which keep cost down.  Makerbot acquired by Stratasys, major 3D printing company.  So at GE parts inside car are 3D printer.  Also the double decker airplane.  Trying to introduce engineering into schools.  Design thinking.  People think it is recycled word for brainstorm, which it is.  IDO and Stanford do it.  Some schools in Hawaii, cool concepts in design thinking.  Show you the processes I take to get from idea to 3D printing.  Will go over + and - of 3D printing.  Share what I think is good for your school and everything I have is open.

Learning by design is a process.  See the ppt for this presentation here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1znQwCg4n17QjKVPR7gc1U5FKEs7EAhT3NqGDw0vBE1E/edit?usp=sharing

Had to design legos that didn't exist (8th grade) learning about metric and english system and how to use calibers.  You have to be really exact because with the bottom piece and the circles it won't connect to other piece.  Sketching part (empathy and synthesis part happened).  Teach them how to use rulers, 30-60-90 triangles.  Then turn into pseudo mechanical graphing.  Makes it look nice.  I use two different models of software, I either use tinkercad (highly recommend using K-12 online) use with my K class and my seniors.  If I feel they are a step above that, then I will go into sketchup , equally as easy, but a little less user friendly.  In terms of the exporting phase, if you make a cool design not always come out way you anticipated.  It's all based on polygons.  Tinkercad almost always works. Kevin Jarrett interjects If they place an object below plane 3D printer will go berserk.  If off by tiniest of bit protruding on bottom will mess it up.  If you have get it just erase that.

Now they got all their designs, going from 2D to 3D.  Some can't get that perspective, some get it right away.  Now, of course, replicator 2, 4th generation of makerbot.  Just came out with 5th generation coming with camera, you can now watch it on your iphone.  This is Stratasys influence on it since they purchased makerbot.  New Peel plate either to take model off.  Plastic comes through and has tip at end and pushes it up and down depending on where moving on grid.  Id you have one that doesn't work, interchangeable parts now exist.  Camera gives you alarm updates on ap.

Shows finished pieces to be used in 1st grade lego bit.  My spring semester class microcity project.  Makerbot presented at ISTE and had our design.  I love architecture.  I did a micro city architecture project.  Randomly selected them a city.  Put a whole bunch in a hat.  Then they researched their city, had to learn about landmark building. If history teacher, what time built, when, where.  Then went to google view, had to take their own perspective of the skyline.  On left you have DC on right Boston.  This was 2 month project.  Majority of work done at home (time in class was 2 x a week, we focused on their design aspects).  Perspective, scaling, was taught.  Then after tinkercad, then on replicator 2.

Teacher asks does students have own accounts.  I know people worry about copa laws, education and under 13, we asked state, their response was if educational institution and have educational institution and they have an educational institution account, it is ok.  We set up accounts and start email addressing in 5th grade.  We notify parents that they have them.  In K to 3, the teacher creates 5 or 6 generic accounts, so if class of 15, 3 students are logging into 1 of those accounts.
Loved the tutorial on tinkercad with the same box and door.  Makerbots platform is not totally even because acrylic, so when do prints make it completely in the middle.  Export print file, before you hit that you can click on settings to choose materials, resolution so on.  You have 4 types of materials ABS- plastic oil based getting rid of this.  PLA is corn based, not flexible, biodegradable, made from coin.  Dissolvable filament use to print something with ABS and then put in water and have moving parts.  Flexible filament, that is what the kid who had the hand designed for him was made out of .  here are your resolutions, the highest (100 microns) is highest possible.  If quick prototype, go with low resolution.  Standard is the other option.  Raft is option people get confused with. Easier ways to print.  Raft is something you sit on, prints really thick line back and forth, say you want to make vase with very small bottom could fall, so if making that, then you want a raft so it doesn't move and break the design.  Try to teach your kids not to use support, creates string like pieces around object.  You try and teach students to create things that don't require supports.  With the space needle, we had a base, so didn't need raft.  As it is going printing at bottom of cone, since goes out to create radius of space needle, doesn't need support.  First design the plastic would droop because no where for the plastic to go.  This happens all the time.  If I were to create something with a house and roof and then object on to but when printing this won't work cause plastic won't have enough time to harden.  You can design your own supports.  Noreen Ranallo wants to know how much it costs per thing you print.  If you want to incorporate math into curriculum, you can do cost analysis.  Typical kilogram of plastic is 50 bucks.  When you go into makerbot it will tell you how much you are using so could be 1-2 dollars.  I use "inventables"plastic which is a colorado company and is cheaper. Shapoeoko  is something through inventables that you can use to make jewelry.  Use twitter to find the STEAM, Makered, edtechchats, DTCHATK12, and these people actually meet weekly and you can google twitter chat times.  Monday nights at 9pm Makered people come on and answer questions if you tweak it.

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